Monday, November 28, 2011


Today we went to the Tirimbina Biological Preserve in Saripiqui, Costa Rica which is a rain forest preserve rich in rain forest biodiversity.  The presentation on biodiversity was very in depth and we went into the forest where they have an organic, sustainable cocoa plantation.  They showed us how the chocolate is grown, processed and  made from planting trees to making the final product.  The history of chocolate is very interesting.

After the chocolate tour we spent two hours in the rain forest where we saw white faced monkeys, howler monkeys, bullet ants, toucans, ocelot feces (!) and even a poisonous snake!  It was an amazing place.

Suspension Bridge to the Rain Forest
Cocoa seed pod on the tree
Caterpillar involved in survey project


Hognosed Viper

Antler Tree

800 foot long swinging suspension bridge
100 feet above a raging river.  Bring it on!

Tonight we go back for a night hike/bat workshop.  Tomorrow its more rain forest time.

Costa Rica is awesome!  Pura Vida!!

Mr P

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