Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Science Fair

We had our school-wide Science Fair today!  We got some really great projects!

I am so proud of the work these kids are doing.  These are some of the projects heading to the Regional Science Fair Competition later this school year:

What's it All About, Algae - This project is investigating the effects of animal waste pollution on a trout fishing stream.  The thrust is to follow the impact of animal waste pollution in mile increments down the river in terms of water chemistry, macroinvertebrates, fish population and general stream ecology.  The data suggests that as the water moves down the stream the impact from the pollution becomes markedly reduced.

Exhausting Our Planet - This project investigates the greenhouse gas effect of Carbon Dioxide and Car Exhaust on the heating and cooling of atmospheric gases in a closed system.

We're in Hot Water - This project is focused on the loss of Hemlock trees in western North Carolina and the potential impact of the loss of those trees on water temperature and the potential threat to trout survival and fecundity in NC Trout Waters.  The study focuses on the dissolved oxygen (DO) of the river water and follows the DO content in the water as the water temperature increases.

Converting Waste Into Compost - This project investigates various methods of composting and determining which methods produce the highest quality compost in terms of the soil amendment properties of the resulting compost.

These are some pretty high quality projects for middle school students!  I just had to share some of their work.

Four Days and Counting.......

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